BASICS (noun)

The simplest and essential thing that is connected with something that provides the starting point from where developed can take place.

Basics are the ultimate foundation of a wardrobe. Since then, Basic has always been associated with unlikeable, boring, and ordinary stuff. But basics are timeless and elegant. It is easy to stack a lot of clothes in this age of cheap, quick fashion. But it makes no sense to load your closet with 100 items that you won’t be wearing for a while. Instead, keep your hands on the essentials to help you reuse and restyle your clothing.

It’s time to make a statement.

Fashion isn’t tied in with wearing new and branded garments, it’s all about recreating new and wearable looks with what is now present in your wardrobe. There are endless ways where you can style on a specific piece of cloth. All you need is a few hacks to zest up your basic pieces. This collection of essential clothing will allow you to turn your looks from day to night with ease. It’s all about what matches the best of your personality, so always remember to experiment.

10 basics essentials for minimal wardrobe


The most versatile, timeless, and classy piece out there is a white shirt. This is a must-have staple. An ultimate blank canvas where you can dress up or dress down accordingly. This could be dressed simply from meetings to parties or get-to-gear with your weekend denim. From wearing this as a summer shirt dress or under a winter sweater, this staple will never let you down.


T-shirts have an important place in the wardrobe and are the most comfortable and fashionable. They allow you to create endless trendy looks that emerge as a statement of style and dominate the style of the street. T-shirts are the minimal staple that never goes out of style. When in doubt, simply go for a t-shirt and a pair of denim.


Blazers are extremely popular for a standout formal look. Blazers are often mistaken for those common boring blazers. You can wear it with a formal dress or a casual outfit because it has a versatile style. Blazers can be worn not only for office wear but for almost every occasion, be it a party or for an extravagant look.


You can easily style a single, perfect pair of skinny jeans on any day of the week. They are the best fits and enhances the shape of the legs and makes you look taller. It’s much smarter to get a well-fitting pair of jeans. I wear other denim styles, but skinny jeans are my “go-to”


For brunch or any entertaining activities, skirts and dresses look adorable whether you prefer sophisticated outfits or casual outfits. They can be as long or as short as you want them to be.


Joggers are the new normal in this era. Wearing tight clothes may look fantastic, but you don’t feel like putting in too much of an effort on some days. So you can always opt for a casual sporty look by grabbing your favorite printed t-shirt and sneakers. As they are highly flexible and flattering on the thighs.


The most spacious bag where anything and everything can be stuffed. They are practical, solid and suitable for everyday use. You can use these for everything from shopping to everyday carrying a laptop and wallet. You’ve definitely seen people using it in the store, on the beach, on the street. Do invest in a good tote bag.


A popular style is the hoop earring, regardless of whether it is gold or silver. The subtle glamour of a tiny hoop tucked around the earlobe is something I love. For a more sophisticated aesthetic, they’re a subtle statement that is excellent. Take hints from the wardrobe and favorite jewelry pieces to pick just the right pair yourself. If you follow the trend regularly, then go for larger or more colorful designs.


Sneakers are made for fitness and sports, but because they’re so comfortable, they’re also common everyday shoes. Sneaker shoes are available in several styles, vibrant colors, and patterns. These unisex shoes can be worn with anything. You can wear them comfortably for a chic casual look with a pair of jeans or dress them up with a dress for a business casual theme.


A slim, sleek heel is great for prom dances and other special occasions. They are good, comfortable, and elegant to look at. Also, always choose which shoes are of the best type and style for you. It just highlights how it has become a huge part of fashion, so every woman should own at least one pair of heels.

You can go through these Indian brands for basic wardrobe essentials :

  • Monte Carlo
  • Delhiwear
  • Allen Solly

Some outfit combinations you can go for

  • Work: White shirt + skinny denim + blazer + tote bag
  • Brunch: skirt + T-shirt + hoops + speakers
  • Casual day out: T-shirt + skinny jeans + sneakers + tote bag
  • Movie: Joggers + T-shirt + sneakers
  • After party: White shirt (as a dress)+ blazer + hoops + heels

Do you enjoy wearing these combinations? Individually, this is how I prefer dressing up every day. Let me know your go-to outfit combination or staple.

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